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The Truth

"When we had a need for forward thinking visionaries in order to implement technology solutions that were cutting edge and that would put us years ahead of our competition, we turned to the experts at iluminari. Their knowledge of market trends and direction was extraordinarily accurate and allowed our organization to experience highly profitable margins and new business. If your organization needs to gain a better understanding of the future of technology, you must speak with iluminari."

Board of Directors

News Bytes

July 3rd, 2009 -
iluminari v1.0 is online!

July 7th, 2009 -
iluminari is now hiring!

July 10th 2009 -
iluminari has gone green.

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Our proven best practices and training will provide your organization what it needs to be top-of-market and top-of-mind with your customers.

Corporate Strategy

Strategic Business Development is based on the fundamental principle that all parts of an organization work together to develop, maintain, sustain and drive the economic growth of the organization. An effective Strategic Business Development Plan informs and inspires the actions of the executive team and mobilizes the entire organization to achieve outstanding results.

We have worked with market leaders and distressed organizations including Fortune 500, Medium Enterprises (or SMBs) and Start-Ups in a variety of industries to find new sources of profitable growth and position their organizations positively for the future.

We have developed our proven STAR* Best Practices and QUEST Training Methodologies to provide the framework to deliver extraordinary results. Our first step is to understand your organization and help you in understanding and building your opportunities for success. We achieve our results by assessing your organization across five key areas; strategy, demand, delivery, operations, and culture. Beyond business success, your organization will enjoy heightened brand awareness, market share, financial performance, competitive advantage, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Put simply, we provide the light so that your organization can grow and flourish to its full potential.